Big Dave Show

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, January 18th!

-Karen beat Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge! -B-105 Program Director Grover Collins reaction to Chelsie’s loss! -We used Kelly to Phone Hack Heather at the Front Desk! -She broke up with her boyfriend and he won’t give her back her stuff. What would Scarecrow do? -88 % of people say this is a date deal breaker!   Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, January 17th!

-They tried to run over their snowman. It was built on a tree stump. OOPS! -Our HR Director stopped by to make sure Chelsie was doing okay. -Randy Houser called in to catch up! -Big Dave Phone Hack: He’s home recovering from surgery and loves to mess with telemarketers. -Only 4% of couples do this? -The Betty White 97th Birthday ... Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, January 16th!

-Chelsie got a new do and how did Statt describe it? -Chelsie’s new do and mullet names! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Fake School Closing Call -Who’s on Celebrity Big Brother? -Couples do this right after arguing…. -How did Tara do against Chelsie today? Read More »