Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, January 18th!

-Karen beat Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge! -B-105 Program Director Grover Collins reaction to Chelsie’s loss! -We used Kelly to Phone Hack Heather at the Front Desk! -She broke up with her boyfriend and he won’t give her back her stuff. What would Scarecrow do? -88 % of people say this is a date deal breaker!   Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, January 17th!

-They tried to run over their snowman. It was built on a tree stump. OOPS! -Our HR Director stopped by to make sure Chelsie was doing okay. -Randy Houser called in to catch up! -Big Dave Phone Hack: He’s home recovering from surgery and loves to mess with telemarketers. -Only 4% of couples do this? -The Betty White 97th Birthday ... Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, January 16th!

-Chelsie got a new do and how did Statt describe it? -Chelsie’s new do and mullet names! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Fake School Closing Call -Who’s on Celebrity Big Brother? -Couples do this right after arguing…. -How did Tara do against Chelsie today? Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, January 15th!

-Randi Rico from WLWT joins us to talk Snowy Votto! -The snow makes Dave act crazy…Do you agree with him? -How is Statt’s training for the Fight for Air Stair Climb going? -Phone Hack: Someone is using your Netflix credentials! -Women won’t do THIS in public! Read More »

We need your opinion!

2019 Tech Survey As a B-105 listener, you’re probably aware that we’ve been working hard for the past several years to stay ahead of rapid changes in the radio and technology landscape. Our goal is to continue to provide great content the way that you want it on the platforms you use most often, so we’re inviting you to share your ... Read More »