Amanda & Jesse Podcast

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/18/19

Why won’t Amanda’s husband open one of the Christmas gifts she gave him? Find out here! Also, Jesse was reunited with his dog after almost a month of not seeing him. Hear the whole story. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/17/19

If you didn’t know, Amanda was arrested at her wedding. She tells the whole story. Also, Jesse’s dog Jackson is living the life a trucker today. Hear the reason why. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/16/19

Amanda is confused about something that happened at her neighbor’s house over the weekend. She thinks it’s mysterious. Find out what it is. Also, Jesse drinks wine out of a Pringle’s can in honor of a story we heard the other day. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/14/19

Jesse’s brother Joey thinks he’s obsessed with something on the internet. We get Joey on the phone to talk about it. Also, Amanda had an awkward conversation with some strangers at the bar the other night. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/10/19

Amanda’s eye is swollen and hurts when she shuts it. What’s going on? Also, Jesse has decided to do a New Year resolution after all and it involves getting rid of random things around the house. The first thing he’s getting rid of is something AMANDA gave him. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/9/18

Jesse saw something disgusting in his Mom’s fridge and tried to call her out for it. Turns out, he was way wrong and ended up feeling stupid for it. Hear the conversation. Also, Amanda got into a fight with her husband about something really dumb! Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/8/19

Jesse lost his wallet over the Christmas break (again) and ironically, he received a Christmas gift that should help prevent this in the future! Also, Amanda didn’t eat any food for 62 hours! Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/21/18

Jesse’s Grandma is 93 years old and he has no idea what to buy her for Christmas. Also, we talk about our personal Christmas traditions and our favorite presents ever received. Read More »