Carey Mulligan wants Downton role

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan would love to be in Downton Abbey.

The Great Gatsby star is a big fan of the period drama that has garnered worldwide acclaim.

Carey credits Downton creator Julian Fellowes with kick starting her career, which has seen her become one of the best-known British actresses in Hollywood.

“Julian hasn’t asked [me to be in Downton Abbey]. But if he did, I’d say yes! I love Julian and Downton is great,” she laughed to British magazine Radio Times.

“If I hadn’t met Julian, I never would have got an audition for Pride and Prejudice, which was my first job and got me my agent. Meeting him was the luckiest moment for me. It wasn’t just the luck of meeting him but his generosity, which was so kind considering all of the people who must have been asking for his help.”

A young Carey had written a letter to Julian asking how to break into the acting world, to which the Oscar-winning scriptwriter replied asking her out to lunch.

After securing a part in Pride and Prejudice, Carey’s career soared. But the actress is particularly picky when it comes to roles.

“I had some great advice from my agent when I did Never Let Me Go. She said, ‘You are in an extraordinarily lucky position right now, but it won’t last. While it does, don’t take a part unless you can’t bear the thought of anyone else doing it.’

“And that’s the reason I’ve only done a couple of things since then. After Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, I didn’t act for a year until Drive. I’ve just done films I felt really passionate about and turned down everything else. I feel extraordinarily lucky,” Carey explained.

She’s currently starring in Inside Llewyn Davis, which sees her play a singer in the movie about the folk music scene in the ’60s.

Although she’s married to Mumford & Sons front man Marcus Mumford, singing was a scary experience for Carey.

“Oh my God, I was terrified. When you are singing, you are so exposed. I was the only non-musician in the whole thing. I had to sing with Gillian Welch – who I love – and I’d come straight from filming and I didn’t know the words so I had to watch her and try and lip read. At the end I was out of breath and completely bright red. Believe me, I gained a whole new respect for all of them,” she laughed.

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