Britney: Album was therapy

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ new album made sense to her “therapeutically”.

The 32-year-old singer split from her former fiancé Jason Trawick when she was working on Britney Jean and some of the tracks are about her heartache.

While she understands some people would want to keep those feelings private, the star sees nothing wrong with laying herself bare.

“Actually I really kinda had no choice,” she insisted to MTV News. “Because at the time I was going through a breakup that was kind of public, and everyone knew about it. And I felt like, it’s not a secret, so why not write about it and say how I’m feeling about it and what it feels like?

“I feel like when you write you do depict from what you’re going through in your life, and that’s what I was going through at the time, so it just made sense for me, therapeutically, to write it out and get it out.”

Although Britney worried a little about making her feelings known, she believes being open was better for her in the long run than if she had bottled everything up.

This is the star’s first record since 2011’s Femme Fatale and her sound has changed a lot. Looking back at her debut record, 1999’s …Baby One More Time, she can’t believe how far she has come.

“I feel like I have more to say now, I’m older and I’m open to experiment with the album and work with different people and collaborate,” she said. “And I just think the creative process is more indulgent, it’s more fun.”

It’s the start of a busy time for the blonde singer, whose two-year Las Vegas residency kicks off on December 27. She has promised her shows at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino will feature more dancing than ever before and was greeted by an estimated 1,000 fans when she arrived in Sin City yesterday. The star’s name was spelt out in giant pink letters which stretched up the steps of the casino and dancers believed to be from the actual show performed too.

“This is my city now,” Britney said. “So I can’t wait to see you guys opening night.”

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