Bieber ‘honest’ on new track

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s music producer calls him a “brave” and “honest” artist.

Maejor Ali helped the pop star pen Heartbreaker, an R&B ballad about love and loss released earlier this month.

He says the 19-year-old poured his heart and soul into the song, and commends Justin for breaking stereotypes about young men in love.

“I think it’s cool, him especially being that age at 19, being a dude a lot of times people think that’s not cool to show real honesty and I think that it’s brave of him to do that,” Maejor told MTV News.

“I was happy that he decided to do that… so I honor his bravery in doing that.”

The song, written on tour, features Justin crooning about trying to fix things with a former love, whom many suspect is Selena Gomez.

The lyrics were inspired by material in Justin’s diary and Maejor believes it’s made for one of the singer’s most personal, romantic and well-written tracks yet.

“It was called his ‘journals,’ so we wanted to make this music the most honest as possible, so really, all the conversations in the studio are heard in the song,” Maejor explained. “Everything that was said we tried to capture all those moments in the music, and I think that’s why it came out so honest and so personal.”

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