Beyoncé beauty claims slammed

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles reportedly did not stop a Ferris wheel for 30 minutes to do her make-up.

The singer was accused of making a woman cry after she requested the ride at Coney Island come to a halt for her cosmetics to be touched up.

However, the operator of the Wonder Wheel attraction claims the anecdote is untrue in a fresh statement.

“Another exciting day in Coney Island, as Beyoncé visited and rode Deno’s Wonder Wheel,” the worker stated, according to Perez Hilton. “The paparazzi and media excitement which follows celebrity caused a slight delay while the amusement park ride operators secured the entrance and exit areas.

“Normal wait times for guests on the Wonder Wheel is five minutes, and due to the extra press following Beyoncé, the wait time extended to eight minutes.”

The performer was shooting a music video and caused the area to be rife with photographers as well as he own crew.

However, the staff member emphasized they did not give anyone special treatment or cause unreasonable discomfort for anyone else.

“The Park operators and owners apologize for the extra three minute delay for those riding the Wonder Wheel, while the entrance area was being secured of cameras and photographers who might interrupt the safe operation of the ride,” the worker continued. “Rider safety and providing safe family friendly entertainment is the hallmark and cornerstone of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.

“Preliminary reports of a 30 minute delay are 100% inaccurate, as Park security reviewed the in-Park security camera videotape. There is magic enough in Coney Island, for all, See you on the rides.”

Splash News originally reported that two people emerged upset after they went undiscovered on the ride while Beyoncé touched up her look.

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