Beckhams ‘book lavish NYE trip’

David and Victoria Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham are reportedly jetting to a seven-star hotel in the Maldives for New Year.

The superstar couple and their four children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper will spend Christmas Day with their close friend chef Gordon Ramsay and his family.

After a day of food, games and gifts the couple will fly off on holiday on December 26. The family moved back to London, UK, following the end of David’s tenure with soccer club LA Galaxy earlier this year and to please his wife he has agreed to regular vacations in sunny climates.

“David isn’t upset about flying off on Boxing Day,” an insider told British magazine Heat. “It was part of the deal they made this year and he’s looking forward to it. Meanwhile, Posh can’t wait to get the hell out of London.”

While David is happy to be back in Britain, Victoria is less excited about the relocation. She has been open about how much she loved LA life, raving about everything from the weather to the people in the city.

Taking regular sunshine-fueled breaks is how she’s coping with her new life. However, that doesn’t mean Victoria has completely lost the holiday spirit.

She is rumored to have splashed out £50,000 on decorations arranged by exclusive London department store Fortnum & Masons. They have a gold and white theme and among the baubles are Swarovski crystal ones costing £1,500 each.

Despite the lavish expenditure, Victoria doesn’t feel like the rented house her family are living in is home. They have splashed out millions on a London mansion, but it’s being renovated at the moment. That is one of the reasons they have decided to celebrate with the Ramsays.

“It will be a traditional Gordon Ramsay Christmas,” an insider explained. “Victoria sees this as her one true day off, and because they’re going to Gordon’s she doesn’t have to do a thing. Vic likes to really relax at Christmas, so she isn’t even planning to dress up.

“She’ll tuck into a full roast [dinner], including potatoes and other calorific treats. Vic knows she can always diet in the New Year. Her drink is champagne with orange juice.”

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