Beckham to nurture Miami youth

David Beckham

David Beckham wants to “nurture” talent with his Miami MLS team.

The British soccer star held a press conference today to confirm he had become the owner of a franchise in the city.

Rather than simply draft in successful players from around the world, David made it clear how important it was to scope out young talent in Miami.

“We will wanna bring some of the best players to Miami,” he said at the conference.

“I want to set up a kids academy that brings young players from Miami, we want local talent. I want to nurture talent not just bring great players from Europe. It’s about bringing young talent through and the only way we’ll do that is through good academies, good coaching.”

His comments were met by cheering from those in attendance.

The sports star was joined on stage by MLS boss Don Garber and Miami Dade-County mayor Carlos Gimenez.

David confirmed that he wasn’t looking to spend public money on the venture, which was received well by the crowd.

“This is a very personal decision. I want to make it my own team,” he said.

“Me and my partners are very excited by this project. Miami is a very vibrant city with a lot of passion. I know Miami is ready to be successful this time.

“I’ve worked hard through my whole career and I’ll work hard here to make the team successful.”

It was confirmed it would take a while to build the stadium, as they want to give Miami something to be “proud of”.

However, it wasn’t revealed who would be joining David’s team.

“It would be disrespectful for me to say what players I want in the team,” he reasoned.

“But we have a list of players. I’ve been fortunate to player with some of the best players in the world and some of them are calling me up to ask me when Miami is happening.”

He added that with his wife Victoria’s fashion career they will be “busy”, but that his four children will always come first.

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