Beckham: My kids may come to Miami

David Beckham

David Beckham confirms his family will “be spending a lot of time” in Miami.

The British soccer star held a press conference on Wednesday to announce he had become the owner of a franchise in the city.

And he has now revealed his wife Victoria and their four children are likely to uproot their lives in some way to join him in south Florida.

“We’re going to be spending a lot of time here,” he told Extra.

David didn’t reveal exact details about his and Victoria’s Miami plan.

But according to the athlete their children Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11, Cruz, eight, and two-year-old Harper will be going to school in the UK, not the United States.

“Our children are educated in London, but I’m looking for a place in Miami. I’m excited about that,” David revealed.

The footballer is moving to Florida under a year after his wife, Victoria, and the couple’s four children relocated from Los Angeles to London.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, David is keen not to put the family through another move across continents.

“David is not moving his family to Miami,” a purported friend of the star said recently.

At Wednesday’s press conference, David discussed his plans for his future soccer team.

Rather than simply draft in successful players from around the world, he made it clear how important it was to scope out young talent in Miami.

“We will wanna bring some of the best players to Miami,” he said.

“I want to set up a kids academy that brings young players from Miami, we want local talent. I want to nurture talent not just bring great players from Europe. It’s about bringing young talent through and the only way we’ll do that is through good academies, good coaching.”

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