B-105 Salute From The Residents At Bickford Assisted Living Middletown

The residents at Bickford Assisted Living of Middletown recite the pledge every morning after their exercise class.
They were excited to record this and Salute our service men and woman.
They take pride in reciting the pledge every morning.

Every weekday morning at 5:50 and 8:50, a Tri-State class, group or organization will salute our military by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s simple to do, too! Just make a recording on your cell phone of the following…

“Hi, this is (your name), and today my (class, group) from (school name if applicable) in (city/town name) would like to salute all of our service men and women with the Pledge of Allegiance.” (Then do the pledge. Only the audio will be used; video of the children will not be displayed anywhere.)

Submit yours to Salute@b105.com!

To say, “thank you!” each group featured on the B-105 Salute will receive $25 in Snappy Bucks from Snappy Tomato Pizza!