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Social Cynthia Jumps Off The Taylor Ship

Taylor Swift is back in the news.  She was secretly recorded by Kim Kardashian while talking with Kanye West about questionable song lyrics.  Social Cynthia has always wanted to be in Taylor Swift’s Squad, until now…. Read More »

Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge

Lisa was so close to scoring a perfict game.  She could remember the last name “Lee” but not the first name.  See if you can figure it out.     WEDNESDAY 07/20 1) GISELE BUNDCHEN’S IS 36 TODAY. HER QUARTERBACK HUSBAND WILL BE SERVING A FOUR GAME SUSPENSION AT THE START OF THIS NFL SEASON. WHO IS HE? (TOM BRADY) 2) ... Read More »

Construction to create yearlong traffic snarl on I-71

The Third Street ramp from southbound I-71 will shut down late Wednesday night and stay closed for a year. During the closure, anyone headed south will need to get off at Gilbert and take Eighth and Sycamore to reach Third Street. The closure is part of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s plan to rebuild the bridge decks over Eggleston Avenue. ... Read More »

More Bad Mom Stories

We’ve all cut corners in life but that doesn’t make us bad parents, does it? Here is the latest local confession from a Bad Mom. Read More »

Is A $1.00 Steak Worth Eating?

John Matarese is always looking for new ways to save money.  He tested out a 1 dollar steak and the result might surprise you. Click Here for John’s Webpage. Read More »