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B105 Salute 8/19/16

Little Miami 5th Grade Cheerleaders did today’s salute to the troops. Every weekday morning at 5:50 and 8:50, a Tri-State class, group or organization will salute our military by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s simple to do, too! Just make a recording on your cell phone of the following… “Hi, this is (your name), and today my (class, group) ... Read More »

Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge 8/18/16

Steve played today and did not miss a single question.  Ties go to Chelsie so if she missed just one question Steve would win $100. THURSDAY 08/18 1) THIS STAR OF “KING OF QUEENS” WILL BE BACK ON TV THIS FALL ON THE NEW CBS SHOW “KEVIN CAN WAIT”. WHO IS HE? (KEVIN JAMES) 2) ANDY SAMBERG IS CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY ... Read More »

We’ve Got The Back To School Blues

Most schools are back to school now so we figured why not write a song about it. We took your ideas and the B105 House Band put them to music. Here is the “Back To School Blues” Read More »

Allergy Sufferers Prepare: Ragweed Season Is Here

The ragweed plant emerges throughout the U.S. each year, starting mid-August and can persist until the first heavy frost. According to a news release from the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency it produces billions of pollen grains which are spread throughout the region with the help of the wind. Ragweed flourishes along riverbanks, in abandoned lots, and in unattended fields. Allergy ... Read More »