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Demi Lovato: Leave my sis alone

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has warned bullies not to "f**k with" her sister.The 22-year-old singer is an older half-sibling to 12-year-old actress Madison De La Garza [also known as Madison Lee and Maddie]. It emerged on Twitter that Madison suffers from scoliosis - ... Read More »

Shelton and Lambert ‘turn down 1m deal’

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have reportedly turned down $1 million to perform over a weekend in Las Vegas.The country singers tied the knot in 2011 and have since played many shows together, such as opening the Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 with a duet... Read More »

Sinéad O’Connor: Music ain’t what it used to be

Sinéad O'Connor

Sinéad O'Connor thinks today's female pop stars have been "hoodwinked".The famously outspoken musician shot to fame in the '80s and hits such as Nothing Compares 2 U made her an international star.She fast became known for speaking her mind and has op... Read More »

Kate Upton’s lawyer blasts picture hacker

Kate Upton

Kate Upton's attorney has slammed the "outrageous violation" of the star's privacy after alleged nude pictures of her were leaked.A number of the world's biggest stars have seen purported personal images of themselves posted online, among them Jennifer... Read More »

Pitbull’s ‘backstage blackout request’


Pitbull apparently asked for blacked-out windows and a "love seat" in his dressing room at Fusion Festival.The singer took to the stage at the event in Birmingham, England, on Saturday, where he frolicked with backing dancers while performing.And accor... Read More »

Andie MacDowell: I’m always sorry

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell blames her habit of apologizing on her southern roots. The Four Weddings and a Funeral star is instantly recognizable thanks to her dark hair and southern twang and says it's a lot more than just speech patterns she picked up from her c... Read More »

Juliette Lewis: Acting channels energy

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis has always used acting to channel her "energy and intuition".The 41-year-old star has taken on a variety of roles over the years, and her part in Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. Jul... Read More »

Selena’s pal defends Bieber romance

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's friend "has faith" she is making good romance decisions.The 22-year-old singer's relationship with Justin Bieber has been on/off for the last couple of years, although they are recently thought to have reunited again.Selena and Jamie hav... Read More »

Kiesza: I don’t party


Kiesza is always the one who remembers her friends' drunken antics in the morning.The 25-year-old star has taken over the dance scene with catchy hits such as Hideaway, which hit number one in the UK.Her songs might be popular in the clubs, but the gir... Read More »

Rivers’ daughter ‘keeping fingers crossed’

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ relatives are keeping their “fingers crossed” for good news about her recovery.The 81-year-old comedienne was rushed to the hospital Thursday after she stopped breathing while reportedly undergoing an operation on her throat.Her daug... Read More »