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Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/30/18

Jesse will be facing a BIG fear of his on Halloween when he gets locked into this. Find out what it is. Also, accidentally lit her hair on fire in the kitchen. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/26/18

Jesse is trying to sell his old car but says he’d feel guilty about selling it to someone he knows. Find out why. Also, we discuss the weird way one man tried to kill spiders in his house and Amanda’s bought a weird toy for her dog Beasley. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/25/18

It’s been 3 years since Jesse faced his fears of snakes by having one slither down the front of his shirt (see video below). The screams are still real. Listen as we replay them. Also, some guy got over 80 tattoos of this famous actress all over his body.   Jesse faces his fear of snakes! Here it is! Jesse ... Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/23/18

We had plans to light Jesse’s couch on fire at a wedding reception but there was one thing that prevented that. Also, we talk about weird smells we like and take some interesting phone calls. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/19/18

Jesse’s been having something weird happen to him in his new truck. He explains. Also, we talk about the new creepy show on Netflix that Amanda likes but Jesse is having a hard time watching. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/18/18

We got Statt on the phone to get an update on how he’s doing since his car wreck a few weeks ago. Also, Amanda bought Jesse a good luck charm for his new truck. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/17/18

Jesse is trying to get rid of his old couch and Amanda has offered to pay him $50 to light it on fire. We now know where it’s going to happen and you won’t believe it! Also, Jesse has already caused damage to his new truck. Read More »