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Mariah and Nick’s ‘divorce is go’

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's rumored split apparently stems from comments he made about past lovers.Rumors the couple's relationship is on the rocks have been swirling for the past few weeks and TMZ is now claiming they actually broke up in May.The w... Read More »

Bieber’s ‘private party pad’

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber reportedly bought another house because he "doesn't want random people in his home".It was recently claimed the 20-year-old singer splashed out on a $29,000-a-month rental pad in the Hollywood Hills, which boasts a gym, a pool, a spa, ten... Read More »

Morgan: I don’t stress

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman isn't a worrier.The iconic actor has found the secret to an easy life: Don't stress. He follows this mantra in everything he does. Rather than getting worked up over situations he can't control, Morgan prefers to take things in his strid... Read More »

Alba: I wanted to be different

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba spent her childhood wishing she was super-human.The American star was able to realize her dreams as an adult, starting in countless movies that fall under the sci-fi/comic book and fantasy genre. But she did go through a stage of having an... Read More »

Fergie on being Josh’s ‘girl’


Fergie loves being Josh Duhamel's "girl".The 39-year-old singer and hunky actor tied the knot in January 2009, and they welcomed their son Axl last August. They are more loved up than ever at the moment, and Fergie's heart still flutters when she think... Read More »

Miley’s New Zealand dream

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus would hide on a farm if "sh*t was going down".The singer is currently on her Bangerz Tour with the North American leg wrapping up in Mexico on September 21.She's announced a show in New Zealand on October 8 and is already making plans to re... Read More »

Jackie Chan: I want to prove myself

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has ambitions to be the Asian Robert De Niro.The Hong Kong actor is famous the world over for his stunt work and comedy performances.Films such as Rush Hour and Shanghai Nights launched his career in Hollywood, but he still looks towards ac... Read More »

Demi ‘feeling guilt over Tallulah’

Demi Moore

Demi Moore's friends are reportedly supporting her through a tough family time.The American actress is apparently feeling the strain after her youngest daughter Tallulah, 20, allegedly checked into rehab for alcohol and drug issues.It was reported that... Read More »

Diana Ross for Glasto?

Diana Ross

Diana Ross has got music fans excited with talk she may be appearing at next year's Glastonbury Festival.The annual event is one of the highlights of the music calendar year, and last year fellow singing legend Dolly Parton wowed festivalgoers with her... Read More »

Kruger: I go against the grain

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has always felt out of place.The actress was born in Germany but as a young girl followed her dreams by auditioning for a ballet school in London, UK. When an injury put paid to her dancing ambitions, she moved to Paris, France, instead to... Read More »