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Write A Song Wednesday “Spring Things”

It might not feel like it but Spring is here.  We asked for one word that comes to mind when you think of Spring?  We took your comments and calls then the B-105 House Band turned them into a song.  Here is our “Spring Things” song.   Read More »

Fish Fry Fun With “Rafiki”!

We had a blast at the St. Lawrence Fish Fry in Lawrenceburg.  We met a super talented girl named Belle.  She plays Rafiki in their Lion King school production.  We asked Belle to sing a little for us and she blew us away. Read More »

StattMan Got Locked Out Of His House

Statt came home and the lock to his door was broke. The inside of the door knob wouldn’t unlock.  So he had to break into his house.  He didn’t call a locksmith, instead he grabbed a rock. Read More »

Break-Down Of College Hoops In Brad-Ketology

Chelsie’s husband Brad is a college basketball know-it-all.  He helped Chelsie fill out her tournament bracket and she is killing it in our company pool.  So we called to see how his bracket is doing.  We call it Brad-Ketology. Read More »

Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey may have been Found

The case of Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey has reportedly been solved. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that the FBI and NFL security had recovered the jersey and were returning it to the Patriots. The FBI had to be involved because the jersey was found on foreign soil. The jersey disappeared from the Brady’s locker following their Super Bowl LI victory ... Read More »