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What Would Scarecrow Do? Tween-Daughters!

Our co-worker, Debbie, has a twelve year-old daughter that doesn’t respond at all when she’s being “talked to”. As usual, Scarecrow comes through with some sage advice! #CoCoButt 🙂   Read More »

Cincinnati Zoo’s Thane Maynard Teaches Statt a Lesson In Turtles

StattMan has 2 turtles hibernating in his garden.  His daughters named them Denty (Because his shell is dented) and Tomi the girl.  Statt caught them “in the act” a few times this past fall.  So with the chance of having babies we called our pal Thane Maynard from The Cincinnati Zoo. Thane Maynard is the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo ... Read More »

Cincinnati Zoo Okapi Delivers Healthy Baby Boy

Cincinnati Zoo Okapi Delivers Healthy Baby Boy CINCINNATI, OH  (February 23, 2017) – The baby boom continues at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! Eight-year-old okapi Kuvua gave birth to a healthy, sixty-pound baby boy last week and all is well in the okapi barn. “This is Kuvua’s third calf, so she knew what to do right away.  The calf stood ... Read More »

Dad explains why it’s important to help ex-wife after divorce

Dad’s touching explanation for why he still helps his ex-wife after divorce. A Boston dad is reminding parents that just because you’re divorced, that doesn’t mean you can stop being kind to one another. Billy Flynn Gadbois wrote a Facebook post about how he woke up early to buy flowers, cards and breakfast ingredients so his kids could surprise their ... Read More »

John Matarese Investigates Autoplay On facebook

WHY PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT ABOUT FACEBOOK’S NEW “AUTOPLAY” VIDEO FEATURE Watch out: in the coming days, Facebook is adding “autoplay” audio to your NewsFeed. That means whenever you scroll through your feed, you will soon get sound along with pictures of that sports report, that cute cat video or whatever angry rant one of your Facebook friends has just ... Read More »