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Big Dave Show Highlights from Wednesday, October 17th

-Phone Hack on Demand! Vlad from Cheviot wants a job at the Blood Bank. -Statt got a really cool present and reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp! -Chelsie’s Not As Naughty As It Sounds Question: The average man doesn’t learn how to properly do this until he’s 24. -The Mega Millions jackpot was huge! Did we win ANYTHING?!? Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, October 16th!

-Big Dave Phone Hack: A trip to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium¬† for Sweetest Day. -Statt gets some binge worthy show suggestions to watch while recovering from his car accident. -We ask Richard Lewelling from the Weather Channel “what happened to our Fall?”. -Chelsie’s Not as Naughty as it Sounds Question: 7% of people have seen someone doing this at a ... Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, October 15th!

A brand new Phone Hack about a broken witch that won’t stop laughing! Checking in with a now stir crazy Statt. Plus, your binge watching suggestions for Statt while he’s recovering. Is Dave’s daughter, Darah, ready to watch the new Halloween movie? John Matarese from Channel 9 talks about the Sears bankruptcy and the Target Effect. Chelsie’s Not as Naughty ... Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday October 12th

Dave stayed out past 9:00 and his wife texted him to see if he was ok? An all new Phone Hack about a dirty Condo Clubhouse oven. Toria with Traffic hits up Scarecrow for some post-wedding weight loss advice and we checked in with Statt to see how his recovery from the car wreck is going. Read More »