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Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, January 11th!

-Our co-worker’s husband snores so bad at night that she actually recorded him so he could hear it! What does Scarecrow think about this? -Big Dave Phone Hack: Please come pick up your smelly package! -Big snow coming…what will our pets do? -27% of women don’t want to do this between New Years Day and Valentine’s Day? -How did Erin ... Read More »

Jim Breech & The Freezer Bowl

37 years ago today, the AFC Championship Game was played here in Cincinnati. The temperature was -9 and the wind chills over -40. The Bengals beat the Chargers 27-7 to advance to the Super Bowl. Former Bengal Kicker Jim Breech joined us to talk about what it was like on the field that day. Click Here To Read More About ... Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, January 10th!

-It’s the 37th anniversary of the Freezer Bowl and we talked with former Bengal’s kicker Jim Breech about the game! -Big Dave Phone Hack: How would you like to be a contestant on our new show Little Sister? -22% of women do this after getting married…. -The Sopranos 20th Anniversary Edition on the College of Hollywood Knowledge! Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, January 8th!

-In 33 days, Statt is going to try and climb the stairs of all 45 floors at Carew Tower. Is he ready? -Chelsie’s husband, Brad, is in a serious fitness challenge! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Losalotacelluous -Women find it very attractive when a man has this. -How did Michael do against Chelsie today? Join the Fight for Air Climb Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, January 7th!

-How many of the shows & movies on the Golden Globes had we actually heard of? -John Matarese on big changes to your taxes! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Strange New Year Resolutions -Statt’s daughters are already driving? -Workplace romance success stories! -67% find it very romantic when their man does this? -How did Amber do against Chelsie today in the ... Read More »

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, January 4th!

-Our Co-Worker, Amanda, doesn’t make New Years Resolutions because she doesn’t want to disappoint herself when she breaks them. What does Scarecrow think about this? -The Basketball team with triplets was using them to cheat? -Big Dave Phone Hack: She wants a pet cow? -19% of guys find THIS attractive on a woman…. -Randi takes on Chelsie in the College ... Read More »

This Sounds Like Something Out Of A Movie!

A high school basketball team in Missouri, that has a set of triplets, was caught having one of the triplets take foul shots when his brothers were fouled. Our friend Steve, who has been a referee for over 30 years, joined us to offer his thoughts on this unbelievable story! Here’s a link to the story! Read More »