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Weight a Minute: Food Prep Video

Here’s a peek of some of my meal prep from our Facebook page… Amanda's meal prep Posted by Amanda and Jesse on B-105 on Saturday, March 4, 2017 -Amanda     Read More »

Weight a Minute: Goals

Weight: Down 103 Date: 3/3/17 It’s always a good idea to have small goals. My goal right now? Lose 7 pounds, get a new pair of fancy yoga pants. 7 more pounds will put me at my lowest weight ever, but it’s still attainable. Looking at losing a giant number is so scary and seems unrealistic. At my biggest weights ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: Calories Count

Weight: Down 103 Date: 3/3/17 I’ve always hated calorie counting. I really never felt like I was doing it right or knew how many calories to eat. Except now…I’m counting again! Well, with the advice from my doctor. Last year I started doing a lot of strength training at the gym, and my trainers told me I needed to not ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: Backstory

Hi! I’m Amanda Valentine, and I’ve battled with weight issues my entire life. Since I was 6 or so I’ve been overweight/obese. I’ve always kind of been labeled that “fat, funny friend” …which I really feel like I developed my sense of humor as a coping mechanism from being so uncomfortable with my weight and appearance. I always wanted to ... Read More »