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Weight A Minute: Emotional Eating

Date: 10/4/17 Weight: Down 116 pounds I’m an emotional eater. When I’m stressed, I want to eat to feel better. When I’m happy, I want to eat to celebrate. When I feel like I’m getting no progress on the scale I want to eat because “It doesn’t matter, eating healthy isn’t working anyway!” Emotional eating is a tough thing to ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Peer Pressure

Date: 8/13/17 Weight: Down 116 pounds “You gotta live a little!” “Just eat the cheeseburger!” “You can totally have the pizza, just eat some!” Just a few things I hear on an almost daily basis. As if eating well and working out regularly wasn’t hard enough, you gotta deal with the questions and pressure of others to do things you’ve ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Trying New Things

Date: 8/17/17 Weight: Down 115 pounds   The past week I’ve switched things up and sloooooowwwwweeeed down! I was dealing with my knee injury, added in a pulled pec minor muscle, then my lower back got in on the action. My body was telling me to rest, so I have been…kinda 😉   I’ve taken a week off at the ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Working Around Injuries

Date: 8/1/17 Weight: Down 115 pounds   I’m dealing with a couple injuries, but I’m not letting it slow me down. I’ve been having issues with my knee for a while now, and then last week I pulled my pectoralis minor muscle at the gym (the left side of my chest/arm). So, I took some rest time, but I’ve been ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Meal Prep Video

Date: 7/24/17 Weight: Down 115 pounds   Yesterday I was on Facebook Live with a look at how I meal prep every week. Here’s what’s on my menu: Breakfast: Protein shake with spinach After gym snack: Egg whites & small avocado Lunch: 7oz of either turkey or chicken, 1 cup broccoli, 1/2 cup quinoa, and 1 cup of fruit Snack: ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Guest Blogger Tricia

I love a good inspirational weight loss story! If you have one, please email me at Here’s Tricia’s story…   Choosing to Love My original transformation photo: “When on a weight loss journey, choose LOVE not FEAR.” I’ve been on this journey for almost 10 years now. At age 18, I found myself heading to my senior homecoming, in ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Date: 6/23/17 Weight: Down 115 pounds   Jesse & I took advantage of the longest day of the year Wednesday by taking a road trip from Cincinnati to Denver to see the sunset in the Rocky Mountains. But road trips are usually filled with beef jerky, Corn Nuts, and roller hot dogs. But this gal has goals, so I packed ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Bikini Season

Date: 6/13/17 Weight: Down 115 pounds What scary words…bikini season. Honestly I can say I’ve never looked forward to that. Not only have I hid from swimsuits most of my life (I’ve been a shorts & a tank top sort of gal), I only just started wearing tank tops in public in the past few years. I’ve spent so much ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: My Skin Removal Surgery

Date: 5/24/17 Weight: Down 115 Pounds With a large weight loss comes a lot of loose skin. I’m lucky enough to have had some of that skin removed 2 years ago, and it has made a huge difference for me. I had over 7 pounds of skin removed from my abdomen, which is crazy! That’s, like, the size of a ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Body Fat Percentage

Date: 5/16/17 Weight: Down 113 pounds It’s really easy to get hung up on the scale. I do it all the time. But really, knowing your body fat percentage tells a whole different story. It shows you your lean body mass vs your body fat. So, knowing my body fat percentage actually changed my goal weight. Right now I’m about ... Read More »