Ashton Kutcher: Jobs threw out my back

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher claims he changed his “entire biophysical structure” to depict Steve Jobs.

The 35-year-old actor portrays the late Apple founder in biopic Jobs, which details the entrepreneur’s life from college dropout to successful businessman.

While filming the movie Ashton took on Steve’s gait and may have permanently altered his own stride as a result.

“It kind of messed up my back a little bit. You know, changing your walk changes your entire biophysical structure,” he told ET Online.

“And I threw my back out, and I had to have a chiropractor come and sort me back out because I actually changed my physical … I’m sure I changed the way I actually walk a little bit.”

Ashton put in a lot of work to ensure Steve’s walk was captured correctly.

The process took a while to master.

“I saw this weird documentary that was done … when Steve was building NeXT. And there was some really great footage of him walking through the field, and I noticed this kind of bizarre walk that he had,” Ashton detailed. “So I just started trying to emulate it. I learned that he went on hikes a lot when he took meetings, and he would go and walk with people around, so, I would take my meetings during the day while going on walks and try to walk like that. At first, it was like five minutes and then I would forget, and then it was ten, you just kind of practice.”

Jobs will be released in theatres this month.

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