Arnie and Sly offered drag roles

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were once asked to play undercover agents in drag.

The two action heroes teamed up for The Expendables franchise and can both be seen in new film Escape Plan. Although they enjoy working with each other, they are astounded by some of the woeful scripts they have been offered over the years.

“The interesting thing really, is that for decades, they’ve tried to put us together in a movie and the scripts were horrible,” Arnold, 66, laughed to Access Hollywood.

“It was like dreadful. We could not have accepted any of that. One movie wanted us to be undercover agents in drag, and another movie wanted us to change from human beings to animals. So he was the dog and I was the cat and we were fighting each other. It was some comedy. It was all this ludicrous stuff.”

After reading such questionable scripts, the guys were thrilled to be offered Escape Plan. Sylvester, 67, portrays a man who is an expert at escaping from prisons, but gets framed and ends up behind bars. While incarcerated he meets Arnold’s character and the two engage in a battle.

“It was just a wild, wild fight scene, really well-choreographed the whole thing, but also [there were] some things that went a little bit out of control, which always is good because the camera picks up all those things, so it was really terrific working with him on this film,” Arnold gushed.

The two men were then quizzed on who would win a real-life fight. Sylvester joked fans might not have to wait too long to find out.

“We’re going to do a movie called Grumpy Old Hags, and we’re gonna battle it out,” he joked.

Arnold interjected: “He would be on top of me punching me, I‘d say, ‘Get off me, let’s go get a schnitzel.'”

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