Applegate: Daughter pushes boundaries

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is always trying to figure her daughter out.

The actress shares three-year-old little Sadie with husband Martin LeNoble.

While the Samantha Who? star loves being a mum, she finds Sadie’s behavior somewhat baffling.

“They say terrible twos, but it’s completely a misnomer — it really is terrible threes,” the 42-year-old mused to America’s People magazine.

“I’m always trying to figure out what is she developmentally going through and, at this point, it’s pushing boundaries. So you have to find a way to allow them to be themselves and to learn from the world, but give them a great road to go on — a great disciplinary road.”

One way Christina allows Sadie to express herself is through her clothes. The Sweetest Thing star helped launch FabKids, an online monthly subscription children’s boutique that personalizes orders based off customers’ profiles, and Sadie is a big fan.

“Today, she picks out this pink, twirly dress, tulle, that has these gold polka dots on it… with a pair of FabKids navy jean leggings with pockets,” she said. “None of it made any sense, but that’s what she was feeling. I’m like, ‘Okay, Babe. You go there.’”

While Sadie likes to experiment, Christina admits her own style has taken a back seat. While she still looks great on the red carpet, the actress can usually be found in her exercise clothes around the house.

“I’m total yoga-pant mom at this point. Sweatpants or whatever I’ve exercised in that day is what I’ll end up wearing for the rest of the day,” she laughed. “People at her school are lucky if I show up in my pajamas, so [Sadie] doesn’t get any fashion sense from me.”

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