Applegate: Cancer made me lose it

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate “lost her mind” after being told she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 42-year-old actress underwent a double mastectomy a few months after she was diagnosed with the disease in 2008. She has opened up about how she’s coping with life after the procedure. Even though she’s been free of the disease for six years, Christina says the operation has had a lasting effect on her psyche.

“I lost my mind,” Christina told ET News. “I still sometimes lose my mind six years later. You look down and you have a daily reminder of everything that you’ve gone through.”

Christina’s surgical procedure saved her life after the cancer was detected by an MRI. Her Right Action for Women foundation provides free MRIs for ladies with a high risk of the disease.

“We’re into almost 500 now,” she said. “We’ve spent over half a million dollars on MRIs, which is really incredible. Now we need to replenish.”

Despite the emotional toll, Christina previously said her cancer was a “bittersweet” experience. It’s had a lasting effect on her life, which has resulted in a few physical issues for the Hollywood star.

“It was bittersweet. You know that you are caught early, but you still have to have surgery that leaves you different for the rest of your life,” she told British newspaper The Independent. “It’s not an easy process. Even five-and-a-half years later I’m still having some physical issues because of it. You are constantly reminded of it, every day, you wake up and think, yep, that happened to me.”

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