Ange ‘fears Jen-An book deal’

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has allegedly been offered a book deal that has got Angelina Jolie worried.

The former Friends star is said to be in talks with publishers to release a tell-all book that will cover her split with Brad Pitt in 2005.

But the book could cause old wounds to be reopened, and sources say Angelina is worried her public image will be tainted.

“Angelina’s worked hard to build up her image as a humanitarian and separate herself from the public outcry when she got together with Brad. She felt the whole ‘Team Jen’ and ‘Team Ange’ thing had finally died a death and that the perception of her being a husband stealer was in the past, but then she heard about the book offer,” an insider revealed to British magazine Now.

Jennifer and Brad wed in the summer of 2000, and the couple seemed blissfully happy until their separation nearly five years later.

There was intense speculation that Brad had fallen for Angelina on the set of 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith while still married to Jennifer, but both parties deny starting a relationship at this time.

“If Jen does sign a book deal, she knows the chapter on Brad and Ange will be the hardest for her to write – but it will also be the one everyone will be after. Jen doesn’t want to spark any new rows, but there’s so much history involved that it’s inevitable,” the source added.

Another star said to be nervous about the book is Jennifer’s former flame John Mayer.

John, who has just broken up with pop star Katy Perry amid cheating allegations, dated Jennifer in 2008 and 2009.

“John will freak, He knows how badly he tore up Jen’s heart,” the source said.

But those close to 45-year-old Jennifer say she isn’t interested in smearing anyone’s name, and just wants to share her story with people.

“She’d never do anything that’d be revenge. She’d tell an amazing story about the lessons she’s learnt- while clearing up a few things along the way,” the insider assured.

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