Amber Rose won’t smoke

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Amber Rose won’t smoke marijuana because it “freaks” her out.

The model is married to Wiz Khalifa and the rapper is known to frequently take the drug, which he has been open about on Twitter and in interviews.

While her whole family enjoy cannabis, Amber is reluctant to join them.

“My Dad,S/mom,Lil bro & Wiz r smoking right now & they want me 2 smoke 2. I haven’t tried weed in 16 years! I Dunno? Should I? I’m scared Lol,” she posted on Twitter.

“I can’t smoke weed cuz I immediately wanna come down instead of gettin higher. It freaks me out Lol I’ll pass. I like the way it smells tho.

“Hahaha ppl are so surprised that I’m married to Wiz & I don’t smoke. Our Fam & I are Pro weed but its just not my thing :-) (sic)”

Amber and Wiz welcomed their son Sebastian, nicknamed Bash, in to the world in February and married in July this year.

Despite their child being only nine months old, the musician has been open about introducing him to the drug later in his life.

“[We’ll smoke together] when he’s old enough, if it’s legal. I’m not planning on doing it while he’s a baby,” he previously said.

“I put out a picture of him in some weed socks and people started tripping, like I’ma be smoking weed with him – he’s not gonna smoke until if he makes those decisions himself, but weed’s not that bad so it’s all good… It helps more than it hurts. I’d rather him be smoking weed than drinking alcohol.”

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