Alex Pettyfer: I’m an awkward date

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer thinks he’s an “awkward date”.

The 23-year-old actor is currently starring in Endless Love, a romantic tale about a love affair that can’t be stopped.

He’s getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day, and says dinner and a movie is what does it for him.

“It sounds generic but I find it [dinner and a movie] works for me,” Alex revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“I’m a very awkward person and I get very nervous, so going to a cinema cuts down on small talk.”

His awkward nature hasn’t stopped him bagging some of the most eligible women in the world, and he can count Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron as ex-girlfriends.

The British star is currently single, but he’s fully aware of what he’s looking for in a potential partner.

“I like my women to be funny, so I look for humor, and intelligence. But attraction is a weird thing so you might not think that someone is your type but then you find you get on and you’re attracted to them,” he mused.

Alex is no stranger to showing off his toned physique in movie roles, including his turn as a stripper in Magic Mike alongside Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

But he says he doesn’t keep up a strict diet and exercise regime in between films.

“I have [a] sick obsession with pizza, fries and burgers so between movies I get quite a paunchy tummy,” he laughed.

“Then, three weeks before I start a movie I run ten miles a day. They don’t shoot the topless scenes too early on so it gives me time to work off the pounds.”

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