Alec fumes over family claims

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has slammed a “nutty” man who is planning to write a tell-all about his family.

The 55-year-old actor has responded to an announcement by James Edstrom this week, a man who told Radar Online he was partnering with publicist Ellen Sterling Bahron to expose the Baldwin family as “trailer park trash” in a book.

“You’ll see what Edstrom is saying is pretty nutty,” Alec told “Edstrom is a very strange guy. He has some persistent need to take down my family.”

Alec is convinced James and Ellen, who worked for his mother Carol’s breast cancer charity years ago, have held a vendetta against the Baldwins for nearly two decades.

In 1997 James sued for $100,000, claiming Carol owed him the sum because she promised to deliver a picture of the family to him that he could sell for a lot of money.

Although the case was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount in 2006, Alec remains resentful of the outcome.

“[James] claimed that he had contracted my mother for an agreement for that,” Alec alleged.

“So I said to my mother to tell Edstrom no, you’re not going to give him this exclusive photograph of everyone assembled there which he can sell for a lot of money in exchange for him providing services for the Baldwin Foundation Fund. I thought it was a bad agreement and I was the one that dynamited that argument back then.

“I found it unacceptable to settle with Edstrom.”

James also claims Carol told him a number of secrets while they worked together in the 1990s.

He did not reveal the release date for the forthcoming tell-all.

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