Alec Baldwin stalker convicted

Alec Baldwin

A woman has been convicted of stalking Alec Baldwin.

The actor claimed French-Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin began stalking him after he offered her career advice over dinner. She alleged they had a relationship which went wrong and she only wanted to talk to him.

A Manhattan judge found in Alec’s favor on Thursday, sentencing Genevieve to 180 days in prison. The case was heard without a jury this week and she was convicted after closing arguments were given today.

Genevieve was found guilty of five counts of stalking, including one against Alec’s wife Hilaria Thomas.

“I am innocent. You are doing a mistake,” Genevieve said after the ruling.

The ruling comes a day after she was jailed following outbursts she made in court. She was placed in contempt of court and she will spend 30 days behind bars for her interruptions, which will added to her 180-day sentence.

“I can’t hear the attorneys. I can’t hear anyone speaking. I have warned you repeatedly. You have made it impossible for the court to proceed and for the proceedings to occur appropriately,” reprimanded Judge Robert Mandelbaum.

30 Rock star Alec accused Genevieve of bombarding him with emails and phone calls after their platonic meal, which occurred a decade after they originally met on a movie shoot in the year 2000.

After turning up to his East Hampton’s home in March 2012 Alec chose to get a restraining order. Genevieve supposedly violated the court mandate when she tweeted Alec’s wife Hilaria Baldwin and she was subsequently arrested for this contact in November 2012.

Recalling the experience, the 55-year-old actor called it “nightmarish” and “like something out of Hitchcock”.

To which Genevieve shot back, “You’re lying! Why are you lying? That’s not true!”

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