Alec Baldwin: I need to shut up

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has learned to “say things in his head” rather than to people.

The 55-year-old actor is renowned for being a hothead and regularly gets into scraps with photographers.

He and his wife Hilaria recently welcomed their first daughter Carmen Gabriela into the world and it seems becoming a father again has mellowed the star.

“It’s best to say things in your head rather than out loud… so I’ve learned,” he told the audience at a Q&A screening of The Short Game in the Hamptons.

The documentary follows a group of seven-year-old golfers who travel to the Pinehurst Golf Course in North Carolina for a tournament to decide the next world champion.

Sky Sudberry, eight, appears in the film and was quick to give Alec’s comments the seal of approval.

“Yes, I agree,” Sky said, causing much amusement in the crowd.

The actor also mentioned his new daughter during his speech. Carmen Gabriela was born on August 23 and Alec admitted that he is already planning her career.

“She’s about a week old – too soon [to start golf]?” he giggled.

Although it was a light-hearted remark, it seems unlikely the star will want his baby following in his footsteps. His 17-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin, whose mother is Alec’s ex-wife Kim Basinger, is a model and although the actor is fine with her profession that’s only because he trusts her judgement.

When it comes to his career, Alec believes there are few people to look up to and he’s constantly hinting he is ready to give something else a go.

“I want my life to be less performing,” he recently said. “Sometimes the movies are interesting, sometimes the scenes are interesting, but I’ve never had a good time making a movie! Not one time in my life. Never! I would rather stick my hand in a garbage disposal [than direct a film either].”

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