Akerman squeezes life into bag

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman can “fit her whole life” into a diaper bag.

The actress gave birth to her son Sebastian four months ago.

The 35-year-old believes everything she needs to survive on a day-to-day basis can be squeezed into her baby’s tote.

“I can fit my whole life inside,” she told Us Weekly about her Tokidoki Ju.Ju.Be carrier.

The Swedish-born beauty is married to drummer Roberto Zincone.

Her items to take out and about include cleaning and feeding products for her adorable little boy.

“We’re riding in style with burp cloths! One of my friends gave me a few with the letter Z for Zincone on them,” she revealed. “He gets half breast and half Nutramigen in a Dr. Brown’s bottle.”

However when her spouse is taking care of their child, she has a little trick for keeping her tot well fed.

She tries to satisfy his sweet tooth with pre-made nourishment.

“He doesn’t like the taste of pacifiers, but I just dip the tip in Colic Calm, and he’ll chomp on that because it’s a bit sweet,” she shared. “It’s a good trick for when Dad takes care of him because Dad doesn’t have boobs!”

Malin also cleverly uses her baby devices to contain her own snacks.

The screen star, whose new television show Trophy Wife debuts on ABC September 24, sticks to a healthy diet.

“My Medela breast-milk cooler is also great for holding snacks for me! My fave is Muller Yogurt,” she admitted. “It tastes like dessert, but it’s nutritious.”

The thespian keeps her kid entertained with plenty of toys.

She also ensures he is always looking his best by packing extra clothing.

“At this age, Sebastian is starting to be very tactile and discovering his hands. He likes this Littlephant stuffed elephant with a music box inside,” she confessed. “Extra onesies are necessities. Most of his are by the Swedish company Lively. He’s a boy, so things swing in different directions in the diaper and sometimes leak out!”

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