Adams: Pay attention to soldiers

Amy Adams

Amy Adams wishes more people were “paying attention” to soldiers.

The Academy Award-nominated actress offered her first-class seat to a member of the armed forces while on a flight last month.

Although Amy is happy her generosity made headlines, the star was hoping for another effect.

“I think that if we were paying attention to the soldier right now, maybe more people would do it? I feel like a lot of attention has been paid to me, and I’m grateful that people are latching onto a positive story, but the whole point was to draw attention to the soldier,” she told Access Hollywood.

“So I wish more people were paying attention to him right now. Or to them…”

The 39-year-old Man of Steel star portrays Lois Lane in the new Superman franchise and she is currently filming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill are Amy’s co-stars in the next installment, and she admits their physical physiques motivated her to work out regularly.

“Everyone there is super yoked, so I feel, you know, not the pressure – because they’re very accepting of all body types. But, you know, everyone looks so great,” the actress explained. “They’re all in such great shape, so I think it started with the last time I did [Lois Lane], I haven’t stopped working out since. I love it.”

Amy, who shares four-year-old daughter Aviana with her artist fiancé Darren Le Gallo, says exercising helps her maintain a positive frame of mind when life gets hectic.

“I’m not crazy – like, I don’t have any crazy fitness regime, but I do love to [exercise now]. It increases the serotonin so I find I’m a happier person when I work out. More patient, for sure,” she noted.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice reaches theaters in May 2016.

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