Adam Sandler: I act like my parents

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler only feels grown up when he behaves like his parents.

The comedy actor is best known for making light-hearted rom-coms like The Wedding Singer.

In his new film Grown Ups 2, Adam plays a character that struggles to accept his adult responsibilities, and says this is something he finds hard too.

“I never feel like a grown up even now, apart from when I am being a parent to my two daughters. That’s when I catch myself behaving like my own parents did towards me,” Adam told BBC News. “That’s the comedy of life, I guess.”

Grown Ups 2 has received harsh reviews from film critics, yet it topped the North American charts when released last month. The 46-year-old thinks it’s successful because the storyline appeals to everyone.

“Well, you show me a man who ever wants to grow up, I think we’re trying to show that you should have fun at any age,” he continued.

“Just because I’ve passed a certain age – like 40, for example – doesn’t mean I should be sitting back in my chair, looking at a youngster having all the fun, whether it’s in film or in real life. It’s an attitude, a joy towards life that we’re expressing.”

Adam is not concerned by bad reviews. He joked that the critics are the real losers, as he is doing what he loves.

“I know what they say about me, and they’ve never made me laugh yet,” he added.

“I have to remind myself of the reason why I came into films – which is just to have fun, laugh and be with my buddies. I wasn’t particularly competitive at school, but with films I just love it – it’s the best thing in the world no doubt about it. That’s why I do it. I just want to carry on for as long as everyone is having a good time with them.”

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