Aaron Paul ‘flying by cop cars’

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul loved going “freakily fast” while driving in Need for Speed.

The 34-year-old Breaking Bad actor stars in the new film, which centers on an ex-con street racer who travels cross-country to seek vengeance.

Aaron drove many vehicles himself while shooting, and moving at insanely high rates of speed was an exhilarating experience for him.

“The Mustang is amazing. His Gran Torino is unreal. The Konisegg is pretty freakily fast, too,” he told Collider.

Paul’s minders and other production personnel guarded him from danger throughout the shoot.

And he appreciates the fact his safety was secure while traveling at potentially lethal speeds.

“I do drive fast. I’ve probably gone, maybe on camera 120,” Aaron revealed.

“And it’s legal and I’m flying by cop cars. It’s so great.”

But before he was allowed to race at such a swift pace, Aaron was required to learn professional driving techniques.

“In terms of driving, they had me do just a stunt course outside of Los Angeles,” he recalled.

“It’s mostly to teach me how to get out of problematic situations if something were to go wrong in the car. I learned how to drift around corners, do reverse 180s and 360s. I don’t why they had me learn that. I don’t do it in the film. But it was badass.”

Need for Speed will be released in theaters on March 14.

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