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B105 Salute 1/28/14

Today’s Salute to the troops comes from The 1st graders at Hamilton-Maineville Primary School. Teachers, if you’d like to hear your class on our Salute next it’s pretty simple. Just use your smartphone to record them doing the Pledge of Allegiance and email it to use at Be sure to record an introduction and maybe give a little shout ... Read More »

Stattman’s Bacon Ranch Potato Dip

8oz of shredded cheese (!bag) 16oz bottle of Ranch 24oz bag of frozen potato wedges ( Mine fell off the back of a truck. I have cases of frozen potatoes, no joke) 8oz of chopped bacon (1/2 a pack) 1 cup of Milk 1 tablespoon of Hot Sauce Cook the bacon and slice it up.  bake the potatoes till lightly crisp. Pour it ... Read More »